Winter Malibu Creek Engagement Session

We grabbed our notebooks, opened Annalise’s laptop, and clicked into Zoom to start our call with Amanda and Dallas. As we turned on our camera, we were greeted by two warm, smiley faces—a newly engaged couple who was obviously so smitten! 🙂 What started as a teenage church romance grew into forever together for Amanda and Dallas. These two have been dating for almost 4 years, the same amount of time we dated before we got engaged (and did we mention we also met at church?). But the similarities between us don’t stop there…

When we asked Amanda what she pictured when she imagined their wedding day, she began describing their theme and color scheme, and we instantly felt like she was describing our own wedding! Neutral bridesmaids’ dresses, blue groomsmen suits, blush and white florals, all set in an elegantly rustic venue…it’s like she was using our wedding for inspiration. We knew within minutes of our meeting that we were a match made in wedding photography heaven!

Once we locked down their date and scheduled their engagement session, we grew more and more excited to finally hang out with our wedding-twins. They decided Malibu Creek with its beautiful oak trees and rolling, golden hills would be the perfect location to capture and celebrate their engagement. But hail and thunderstorms forced us to postpone their session. At first we were SO disappointed. But when sunny skies and warmer weather greeted us on their new session date, we were thrilled! Totally worth the wait. What was even better than our perfect weather, though, was how amazing these two looked together. I mean, ‘cmon!!

Amanda and Dallas, we absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with you two and capture your joy at Gerry Ranch in May! Your wedding day will be so beautiful—bright, timeless, and full of love. In the meantime, we hope you look through these photos and remember to savor your engagement season. We will see you in a few, short months!