Fall Malibu Mountains Engagement

As you know, so many weddings have been affected by COVID-19 this year. Couples have been forced to postpone, cancel, or completely change their wedding plans. And often they have to make that difficult decision at the last minute. Lindsay and John are one such couple.

When Lindsay and John initially contacted us in May, they had just canceled their spring wedding, and they were looking for photographers for their new date in September. Beau and I were so excited to have the opportunity to serve and support this sweet couple during this difficult season. But as we neared September, it was becoming more and more apparent that they still weren’t going to be able to have the wedding they wanted with all their loved ones in attendance. They had to make the extremely difficult decision to postpone for a second time.

They landed on a new date in May of 2021, a full year after their initial wedding date. As difficult as this year has been for them, they are focusing on all they have to look forward to in 2021. But to end 2020 on a high note, we decided to hang out with them and capture some beautiful engagement photos to celebrate their love!

The pair was hoping for a mountain location for their session, and the Malibu Mountains proved to be the perfect spot! Beau and I were particularly excited to shoot here because it’s actually the exact location where we had our own engagement session almost 5 years ago! It was so fun capturing the beginning of another couples’ forever while thinking back to when we started our own 🙂

We had a blast getting to know these two while we took in the beautiful scenery around us. We were talking and laughing through the whole session, so we hardly noticed the cold, blustery winds on this fall day. The last spot we stopped at was a scenic over-look up on a cliff, and the winds were particularly strong there. But Lindsay snuggled up close to John to stay warm and they laughed together as Lindsay’s hair and skirt blew around them.

Lindsay and John, we are so thankful you guys chose us to be a part of this season of your story. As difficult as it has been to wait for your wedding day, we are so excited to celebrate with you two this spring! Thanks for exploring the Malibu Mountains with us and smiling through every gust of wind. You guys are the best! 🙂