Korean Bell of Friendship Engagement

It all started in a college freshman dorm…He saw her across the room at orientation on their first day of school. Their eyes locked, and the rest is history…Just kidding 😉 But Elli and Gordon really did meet at freshman orientation, and they really did wind up in the same freshman dorm! But they were “just friends” for a while, until their friendship grew into something more. And don’t all the best love stories start as friendships?

Fast forward through 7 years of dating, and a few degrees (Gordon is an engineer and Elli has her masters in teaching. Talk about a power couple!). Gordon set the plan to propose. He found the perfect ring, and recruited Elli’s little sister to help plan the surprise. The couple planned a trip down to Southern California to visit Elli’s family, and unbeknownst to Ellie, Gordon knew the Venice Canals would be the perfect place to pop the question!

Gordon got down on one knee and asked Elli to be his wife on a bridge right over the canals. Everything went just as he hoped. Elli was so surprised and so thrilled to be marrying her best friend!

It was a joy to finally meet these two in person after only being able to talk through Skype and emails! They picked the Korean Bell of Friendship as the location for their engagement session, not only because it’s a beautiful spot, but also to honor Elli’s Korean heritage.

And now we are looking forward to celebrating with them next summer at the Sherwood Country Club. We can’t wait to see them tie the knot! 

Congratulations, Elli and Gordon! Thanks for taking all the crazy winds at your engagement session like champs and smiling and laughing through all the blustery interruptions! So excited for all that is ahead for you two.