Conejo Valley Botanic Garden Engagement

We have never met anyone who loves gardens as much as these two! Throughout Amy and Deepak’s dating relationship, they bonded over their love of gardens. Most of their favorite memories and dates were at some of the most beautiful gardens in the area…Huntington Gardens, Descanso Gardens, the Gardens of the World…you name it, they’ve been there! And one of their favorite things to do is a scavenger hunt together throughout the gardens they visit, solving riddles and puzzles as they move from beautiful flower to beautiful flower, from tall tree to tall tree. So Deepak knew that the only place fitting enough to ask Amy to be his wife was in a garden.

The plan was set. Deepak scheduled a month of garden dates with Amy to make sure she would have no idea what date he would propose. He planned to take her to the Descanso Gardens on their final date of the month where he knew she would expect him to ‘pop the question.’ So, in order to really surprise her, he planned to propose the week prior at the Conejo Valley Botanic Gardens.

He put together a whole scavenger hunt through the gardens that would lead her to the very top of a hill where there was a bench overlooking the whole Conejo Valley. This was where he would ask his best friend to be his bride, and a friend of theirs planned to hide nearby to capture the big moment on camera.

But on that day, Amy was completing all the challenges much quicker than Deepak had anticipated! Worried that their friend wouldn’t have time to reach the top of the hill and hide, he tried to slow her down and told her not to rush. Amy sensed that Deepak was anxious and wondered what could be going on…is he going to propose?!

They made their way to the top in perfect time, and their friend was there to capture every special moment. Just when Amy thought things couldn’t be any more perfect, Deepak took her to their engagement party where all their friends and family were waiting to celebrate with them.

As Amy and Deepak wait on COVID restrictions to lift to plan their wedding date, we look forward to celebrating that day with them and all their loved ones!

Amy and Deepak, you are a joy to be around and it was so special to capture your engagement photos in the same spot where you decided to spend forever together. God is going to use your marriage for His glory, and we can’t wait to see what He has in store for you!