McCormick Home Ranch Engagement Session

“How do you picture your wedding day?” Michelle instantly reached into her bag and pulled out a binder, organized and clearly labeled into categories with tabs. “Well…” she began, and then launched into all the details of exactly how she pictured the most important day of their lives. From the florist, to the color scheme, to the venue, to the photos, Michelle knew exactly how she wanted their day to look. And Jordan was more than excited to help bring her vision to life!

Let’s just say, it was love at first meeting for me and Beau. We cannot express how much we adore our detail oriented brides and our readily involved grooms! But no matter how organized and prepared Michelle was for this engagement season, nothing could have prepared her and Jordan for what was to come.

Not only did the restrictions brought on by COVID-19 postpone their engagement session for months (and almost postpone their wedding, too!), but they also entered a season of grief and loss within their families.

These two just really needed a win as they entered this final stretch before their wedding day. They needed to do something fun to remind them that in the midst of everything else, their love deserves to be celebrated.

Even though we were finally able to get their engagement session scheduled this month, the location they had been waiting for was still closed to the public. But that’s when McCormick Home Ranch stepped in at just the right moment. Where normally they don’t host couples and photographers just for engagement sessions, they graciously made an exception and opened up their property, allowing the 4 of us to hang out there for the afternoon.

That kind gesture was just what these two needed to recharge and refocus on all the amazing things ahead of them.

Michelle and Jordan, we are so thankful you. It has been a blessing to watch the way the two of you have supported each other and endured this trying season as a team. We are so thrilled for your upcoming wedding because we cannot wait to see you become husband and wife!