It’s All in the Details

It’s your wedding day! All the time and energy you invested in planning this day has finally come to fruition. Your bridesmaids are wearing the perfect color, the groomsmen look dapper in their suits and carefully coordinating ties. Your bouquet is exactly how you pictured it, and you know it’s going to look perfect with your dress. Are you wearing your mother’s veil? Is your groom wearing his grandfather’s watch? Did you pick out a new perfume just for this day?

All the little details you hand picked and planned for this day are important. They are what make this wedding day your own, unique to you and your groom. It’s for that reason that Beau and I spend the first part of every wedding day capturing your details. We don’t want to miss anything that you invested time and energy in carefully selecting to represent this important day. From the bouquets to the boutonnières, from your dress to his cuff links, from the invitation suite to the rings, every detail is meaningful and helps complete your the biggest day of your life.

But to best capture your details, we need your help! So here are a few tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your detail shots on your wedding day.

1.Collect all your important details together before we arrive. When everything is ready for us when we begin shooting, it just means we can invest more time in designing your detail photos to best fit your theme and style for your day! 

2.Ask your florist to bring some extra petals, buds, and sprigs to use for the detail styling. This will help to bring your colors and theme into your details. And let’s be honest, you can never have too many flowers!

3.Try to think about the story your details tell about who you are as a couple. We love when we can capture who you are through your wedding details. Did your groom give you the necklace you are going to wear when you say your “I dos?” Did you pick our some fun dress socks for him to wear? Details like that are our favorite because they are so personal and special to you!

On our wedding day, my ‘something old’ was a vintage pin from my grandmother, my ‘something new’ was a pair of beautiful pearl earrings that Beau gave me at our rehearsal dinner, my ‘something borrowed’ was my great grandmother’s wedding ring, and my ‘something blue’ was a topaz bracelet Beau gave me on our first Christmas dating. Beau also wrote me 6 letters to read throughout the day at certain moments leading up to the when we finally met at the altar. I am so thankful that I have photos of each of those special details to remember forever.