Rustic Thousand Oaks Wedding

Kristin handed me the sapphire earrings and gold watch along with her engagement ring and their wedding bands. I held these treasures tightly and never took my eye off them as I captured their beauty and significance in photos. The earrings were Kristin’s grandmother’s, and the watch, Alex’s grandfather’s. How special to wear two things that hold so many memories and so much meaning on such an important day.

But grandma and grandpa were not the only ones who gave of their treasures for this day. The venue was actually Kristin’s dad’s beautiful home which he carefully prepared for the day. Kristin herself designed and created many of the beautiful centerpieces and decorations (including the AMAZING photo wall!) along with the help of her aunt who arranged all the bouquets and boutonnières. A lot of the food was prepared by Alex’s dad and uncles, and many other friends and family helped with the preparations for the day. This wedding truly was a family celebration with so many loved ones involved and ready to make the day special for the bride and groom. 

Thanks to the amazing planning and coordination of Kathleen LaCanfora and her team (Megan Dudley and Mariah LaCanafora), the day went beautifully. One of our very favorite parts of the day was Kristin and Alex’s first dance. These two can DANCE! DJ Dimitri of Bouquet Sound played their song, and the pair began their first dance as if they had danced together every day of their lives. It was so fun watching them twirl and spin around the dance floor together.

Everything was beautifully done, from the flowers to the venue to the amazing cake and cupcakes baked by Makayla Fidler. And what was most beautiful to witness was Kristin and Alex’s love for each other. They couldn’t wait to be with each other and celebrate with their friends and family.

Kristin and Alex, thank you for letting us capture one of the most special days in your lives. It was truly an honor to witness your vows of commitment to a lifetime together. Savor every minute of your time together in Italy celebrating. We hope these photos help you relive every special moment of your beautiful day!

The Creative Team:

Wedding Coordinator and Designer: Kathleen LaCanfora

Baker: Makayla Fidler

DJ: Dimitri with Bouquet Sounds

Servers: Megan Dickey & Mariah LaCanfora

Photographers: Annalise and Beau

Caterer: StoneFire Grill