Rancho Sierra Family Session

“Ah, a spider!” squealed Sophie. “It’s okay! That’s just a stink bug,” I replied. “A stink bug?!” said Titus, totally intrigued. I explained about how they release a stinky odor when they get scared, and that’s how they got their name. “Ew!” said Sophie. But to Titus, this was the coolest thing ever. He began asking if there were stink bugs in the trees, bushes, and up on the mountains. These two were beyond adorable as they explored the trail together. 

Like two peas in a pod, Sophie and Titus would take turns calling out each others’ names to investigate something they found. Well actually, Titus would call out to Sophie to show her a cacti, bug, or bunny, and Sophie would patiently give Titus instructions for the picture they were taking—exactly how a big sister, little brother relationship should be! We could not stop watching this precious sibling relationship take place. All the while their parents, Charlene and Charles, happily watched as their two kids enjoyed the outdoors. 

This family is amazing! The Lees try to take pictures together every year. Isn’t that awesome?! It was a great joy to witness this family together. You could see the care they have for each other, and also their desire to share their lives with one another.

Charlene and Charles, thank you so much for allowing us to capture your family! It truly was a joy hanging out and getting to know all of you. Neither of us can resist smiling when talking about your family. What an incredible gift Sophie and Titus will have when, years from now, they can look back on photos from each year and see how they have grown. All of you will be able to share and laugh together at the memories inspired by each family photo (including the memories of getting to sting “Mr. Beau” so he would smell like a stink bug!).