El Matador Family Session

If there was a competition for the world’s cutest family, the Pollastrini’s would win. Hands down. Matt and Niki have the most adorable kids. And on top of that, they are SO sweet! One of our favorite moments was when Dylan was holding baby Sequoia while walking hand-in-hand with Sage. In that moment, we felt so lucky to witness this brother’s love for his sisters. Throughout our time, Dylan balanced his energy by taking a moment to run down the beach in between with cuddling up with mom, dad, and his siblings in front of the camera! 

We also got to share some great moments with Sage. After a few pictures, we turned the camera around to show everyone how amazing they all look, and Sage just couldn’t get enough. Any time we took a set of pictures with her, she wanted to see how she looked, and she looked amazing!

The more time we spent with this family the more blessed we felt to be around them. From Sage playing in the sand, to baby Sequoia being so wonderful for all the pictures, we just couldn’t get enough. Matt and Niki even trusted me (Beau) at one point to hold Sequoia while Annalise grabbed some couples shots. She was so calm and just watched mom and dad pose for the camera. 

Having three kids has to be absolutely crazy at times, but Matt and Niki handle it like pros. While wrangling the ones that can run and keeping their baby entertained, they still shared moments of love where you could see how these two found each other. 

Matt and Niki, thank you so much for letting us capture your family! We enjoyed getting to know you and hear how you went from meeting at church to this incredible family you have today! Walking away, neither of us could deny that we left with more joy in our lives because of your family.