Newbury Park Family Session

I remember a time filled with American Girl dolls, playing dress-up, and selling Girl Scout cookies door-to-door. I watched as my little sister, Lydia, grew up with our next-door neighbor, Olivia. The two were only 6 months apart in age, and they made the perfect duo, creating dance numbers and performing them in the backyard, and recording the goofiest YouTube videos you’ve ever seen. There were often times my family didn’t see Lydia for days because she practically lived next-door at Olivia’s. 

What a gift that must be to have a best friend handed to you at age 3! But it was a privilege for me and Olivia’s older sister, Zoe, to watch them grow up together, two peas in a pod. And now, Olivia is entering her Sophomore year in college, pursuing a nursing degree at Creighton University. The last 17 years have completely flown by!

Not only is Olivia off pursuing big things, but now Zoe is a United States Trade Representative, and she will be moving to Switzerland in just a few short months! She said she learned just about everything she needed for her job through watching House of Cards and West Wing, but I’m pretty sure she was just being humble 😉 When asked if she was typically the youngest person in the room, she replied, “yes, but I’m also the United States…so I win!” (cue the National Anthem) ’Merica.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Sophos, for always being so hospitable to me and my family, and for introducing me baklava (yours is still the best I’ve ever had). And thank you for letting me and Beau capture your memories with your beautiful girls! We truly had a blast with you guys, and we hope that you will cherish these photos for many years to come.