Malibu Engagement Session

It was on their second date that Katy and Eugene knew they found something special. They went to Paradise Cove for dinner, and afterwards, they walked along the beach just talking. By then they both knew this wasn’t just any date. Eugene bent down and picked up two rocks, one for each of them, as a reminder of that night, the way they felt about each other, and as a promise for the future.

Just 8 months later, Eugene wrote the words “will you marry me?” on his rock and presented it to Katy with a beautiful ring on the Pike Ferris Wheel in Long Beach. 

Because of that date at Paradise Cove, the beach holds a special place in their hearts. So it was only fitting to shoot their engagement photos there! What’s more, Katy told us that the day of the engagement session was actually the 1-year anniversary of the day they met. How perfect is that?!

As we neared the end of our time with Katy and Eugene at El Matador Beach, Eugene told us that because he proposed on the ferris wheel, he never had the opportunity to get down on one knee and ask Katy to be his wife. So it was the cutest moment when Eugene asked us to capture a photo of him presenting his fiancé with her ring while on one knee. 

Katy and Eugene, we are so excited for your upcoming wedding. God will use the way you two love, respect, and cherish each other as an example to so many. We hope these photos remind you two of the why behind the wedding…that it isn’t just one day, but the promise of a lifetime together. We can’t wait to celebrate with you guys in just  3 short months!!