San Diego Family Session

You can’t be around Mike and Demi without feeling the love they share for each other, and now you can’t be around them without experiencing the affection they have for their new baby girl, Eroly. As we hung out with Mike and Demi, you could often catch Demi sitting with Eroly resting on her lap, admiring the wonderful gift of their daughter. Then Mike would jump in to those moments and talk to his baby girl with the love only a father can have. Mom and dad unable to take their eyes off their beautiful daughter. We cannot wait to see how baby Eroly grows and begins to reflect more and more her parent’s personalities. Two people that are determined to be tools in her life so that she can flourish. God could not have prepared two better parents for this wonderful little girl.

But what is more evident is that you can tell how she has already completely wrapped her dad around her little finger.

I (Beau) have known Mike for most of my life. We have stories upon stories of our friendship. Demi is literally his perfect match! She is really why we like seeing these two! (Sorry Mike!) It has been awesome to watch as Mike has gone from a crazy kid on the playground, to a Father ready to fight for his wife and daughter. As we reach Father’s Day, it is impossible to ignore the place of a father in a child’s life as unique and wonderful. It is an unexplainable bond.

Mike, Demi, we are incredibly blessed to have you two in our lives and beyond thankful to be witness as you begin your journey as parents. We always leave our time with you encouraged and filled with joy. Thank you for your friendship and your example of faith, love and marriage. We love you!