El Matador Beach Session

Do you remember the first day of college? You probably went to your new student orientation, and looked around nervously hoping to recognize someone in the vast crowd of your incoming freshmen class. You scanned the room looking for a familiar, friendly face, but also took careful note of all the potential future dating ‘prospects.’ And you know every other student there did the same thing.Come on, just admit it. You know you were right there doing the prospect scan, too. But the reality is, you typically don’t date one of the people you meet on your first day of college at freshman orientation. You probably don’t even remain friends with any of those people through your time at college (just being honest here, guys!).


Well it just so happens that Kailey and Connor are one of those rare couples. They met day 1 at their freshman orientation! What an incredible beginning! Orientation marked the beginning of their friendship, and then after slowly growing into more, it has now blossomed like the hills of Malibu into a beautiful marriage.


We had the joy of capturing their love for each other as they celebrated their first year of marriage. When you are around them, you can clearly see the deep friendship they share. They were snuggling close and sharing tender moments, while also teasing and joking with each other, sharing genuine laughs and just enjoying each other’s company. That is when you know there is a strong marriage. Vulnerability, selflessness, and honesty, and shared between two best friends.


Kailey and Connor, thanks for exploring the beach with us, willingly jumping in water, walking through 6-foot-tall wildflowers, and hiking up and down the cliffs. We had so much fun capturing smiles that will last many more years to come.