For Generations to Come

Food scattered. Glasses empty. Laughter fills the house. Dinner is over and now pictures are laid out all over the table. We all listen with anticipation as one story is shared after another. Laughs, tears, sarcasm, and jabs. Why would you ever wear that? Who in the world chose that hairstyle? You had braces?! Wow, this photo of grandma from high school looks just like you!


Memories come to the surface that were thought to be long forgotten. And for us it all started with one picture. A picture of me washing a car with my Grandpa Foster, 20 something years ago. It’s random and really nothing special, but it’s one of the only pictures you’ll find of the two of us together. But it always inspires more stories and sparks more memories of my dad and his upbringing. Every family has a picture like that. For Annalise it’s a picture of her and her Grandpa Pollock, ‘Papa’ as she called him, walking slowly hand-in-hand down the hall at his country club. He had Parkinson’s disease, and seeing this photo reminds her family of his incredible ability to continue playing golf despite his disability.


Don’t we all have too few pictures with those we want to remember most? It seems now we have plenty of selfies on our phones, but not enough timeless photos that capture treasured moments and preserve the personalities of our loved ones. Photos that will be shared for generations to come.


Throughout our dating years and into our marriage, Annalise and I have spent time with our families sharing and hearing stories inspired by our family photos. There’s just something about finding a box of old pictures or a family album and flipping through them. You get to see your grandparents, or maybe even the great grandparents you never met, running around with your parents when they were kids. You can see the crazy hair and outfits that your parents wore for their weddings (shout out to all the 80’s weddings out there!). Or you find a photo like the one we have from our wedding of me catching my dad’s eye while performing a dance move he bet I would NEVER do! For any Seinfeld fans out there, remember the episode ‘The Little Kicks?’ Thank you Elaine Benes!


Pictures don’t just last a lifetime, they last generations. They pass on the legacies of those we’ve lost when our words and memories fail us. To give families these conversation starters, heartfelt moments, and lasting memories is a gift and a blessing to be a part of. That is why we want to be there when you say “I Do,” when you celebrate the new life you’re bringing into the world, and when your little one giggles as you snuggle them close. So follow along as we begin our photography journey! It would truly be an honor to capture your precious moments and bless generations to come.